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Dr Delsey Daruwalla

Delsey founded Functional Health in 2014, 11 months after graduating from New Zealand College of Chiropractic, growing it from just her and James to a team of 13 serving hundreds of clients every month.
Her mission is to empower everyday people to make healthier and more impactful choices for the health, wellbeing and future of themselves and their families. Delsey achieves this by looking inward and challenging her own perceptions, stories and actions to lead by example and to push herself to be the best she can be and become the leader of change in the lives of her clients taking them beyond the status quo, challenging them beyond what they thought possible, allowing them to reach new heights and uncover new realities. 

She focuses on the entire mind/body system by using techniques that don't only attend to a person's physical health but also their mental/emotional wellbeing - which is Delsey's main passion. She primarily focuses on women & children. 

Dr James Neilson-Watt

James founded Functional Health with Delsey, while pushing him self to personally overcome 20 years of severe chronic pain and anxiety that he has since he was a child. Through that journey he has discovered the secrets to business and personal success and now coaches health professionals, coaches, and trainers in over 14 countries to become better business people, better leaders and better clinicians through his books, podcast and training programs. James works with over 250 private practice owners and business leaders in his coaching program and has had over 10,000 people view his books and training programs. Currently James does not practice but can be seen in and around Functional Health helping his team take their skills and leadership to their highest potential so they can serve the people of New Zealand with more energy, passion and skill achieving greater results than they though possible. 

Dr Jaqueline McCaskie

Dr Jaq's mission is to support and empower people to live vibrantly healthy lives, helping them to see more is possible, and she does this through Chiropractic. She loves that Chiropractic empowers you to be the hero in your healing journey, and that she gets to be your cool sidekick - adjusting and cheering you along the way. To do this she use a variety of gentle and effective techniques that are customised for your individual needs. Her curiosity around true health started as a child, a natural side effect of being raised by a naturopathic father, and mother who had regular chiropractic care to function at her best with severe scoliosis. This upbringing was an incubator for her passion about our body’s amazing ability to both survive and thrive through the ups and downs of life. Dr Jaq feels privileged to witness and assist this process in her clients lives today. When she is not adjusting wonderful people at Functional Health, you can find her at the beach, going for hikes in nature with loved ones, chatting to her family back home in Aussie, picking greens from her garden, researching all things health related, and generally making the most of life in beautiful NZ!

She focuses on:
- Helping people reach goals of greater health, happiness and resilience to stress.
- Adjusting beautiful growing families, from Chubby Bubs to Golden Gramps!
- Taking care of children, helping their brains and bodies optimally process their rapid growth and learning.
- Reconnecting people to their innate ability to heal, helping them to love their body again.
- Breaking the "go-go-go", fight/flight stress cycle by restoring balance to the nervous system and ease to the body.

Dr Georgia Himsley

Georgia has been working in the fitness industry for the last 15 years and has an immense passion for helping others achieve their goals. This led her to studying Chiropractic. Georgia graduated from The New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2019.

Her areas of interest include; General wellbeing, Anxiety/stress, Sports performance/recovery and Geriatrics. 

Dr Sheetal Singh

Chiropractor / Certified Yoga Instructor
Sheetal is passionate about the potential we have in our mind and body and has seen first hand how through chiropractic, the mind and body can achieve & overcome incredible things. 

Through her experiences as a practitioner she has seen this first hand and brings that passion, knowledge and experience with her as a Chiropractor. 

Sheetal has a special love for the magic that happens with Chiropractic, and is very excited to share that passion with everyone here at Functional.

She looks forward to helping you in your journey, to be the very best version of yourself!

Her main interest is in supporting optimal development in children & infants, support the elderly to age gracefully and helping active people get the most out of life.

Dr Adeela Afiz

Neuro-Emotional Facilitator
Dr Adeela Afiz provides a range of powerful and effective techniques to help you achieve complete mind and body wellness, help you up-level your mindset and break through blocks, past trauma or anxiety to help you create the health, wealth and happiness you have been looking for.

She is one of the few practitioners in NZ who specialises in Neuro-Emotional-Technique. She provides gentle and holistic body therapy and pairs this with life coaching and facilitation to help clear physical, mental and emotional blocks for all ages.

She is highly experienced and comfortable working with people of all ages and backgrounds including babies and children and loves working with and empowering clients with their mindset and health.

If you are searching for someone to truly understand, empower and help you on your wellness journey, Dr Adeela is looking forward to meeting you.

Tina Pritchard

Naturopath/Medical Herbalist
Tina is a Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist having completed her training at The South Pacific College in Ellerslie in 1990 and graduated in 1991, and has been in practice ever since.

She takes a gentle and caring approach to peoples’ health needs, addressing both the physical and emotional requirements - using Bach Flowers for things like fears, anxiety, depression, irritability, indecision etc.

Her special interests are in: Hormones, allergies, skin disorders, digestion, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, chronic fatigue, detoxification, stress, anxiety and insomnia

Tina is passionate about helping people get well and stay well.

Sarah Bradshaw

Naturopath & Food as Medicine Practitioner
Helping people to feel empowered on their journey to wellness is what drives Sarah’s passion for healthy living. She believes that balance in life is crucial to optimising wellbeing and believes passionately in the healing powers of nature and food as medicine. When working with clients she offers a warm and nurturing support that is educational and encouraging.

In working with you, Sarah provides a proactive approach to healthcare using a variety of tools such as food & lifestyle assessments, functional pathology & DUTCH testing, flower essences, scent therapy and only the highest quality herbal and nutritional medicines to support your vitality and body’s systems.

Through education, she aims to empower you to create long term and sustainable change that resonates with your idea of health. Sarah’s approach to naturopathic treatment combines the science of evidence based research with the wisdom of traditional western herbalism, nutritional medicine and a firm belief in respecting the individual’s right and role in their own healing. 

In the process of creating balance between the body, mind and spirit, Sarah is practical as well as intuitive and will support and guide you on your journey towards healing and repair.

Her special interests are:
- Digestive disorders: Food allergies & intolerances, SIBO, IBS, bloating, wind, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, infections/parasites 

- Nervous system disorders: Stress, fatigue, burn out, anxiety, depression 

- Thyroid support: Hashimoto's, Graves disease

- Hormonal imbalances: PMS, mood dysregulation, PCOS, irregular or painful periods, heavy bleeding 

- Holistic nutrition

- Emotional wellbeing 
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